ITIL® ITSM® Overview for Senior Management

Half-day single organisation course

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Course Overview

This course provides a management level ITIL® overview of IT Service Management, illustrating the significant contribution closer Business/IT alignment can make to increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Topics covered during the half day session for senior management of an organization include;

  • summary of each ITIL® Service Management process
  • approaches to implementation
  • methods for achieving a service culture.
  • the role played by IT to deliver quality service to the organization,
  • key performance indicators,
  • how an integrated approach to Service Management delivers increased service availability and quality, whilst reducing operating costs, in line with business requirements.


To provide managers with awareness, reinforced with practical guidance, on

how Service Management best practice can increase the value of IT’s contribution to the core business.

Who should attend?

Any manager involved with the procurement, exploitation and management of IT, and/or is dependent on IT, as a major contributor to increased business efficiency and effectiveness.


The ITIL® overview course opens with a session exploring the role of IT in achieving your organization’s vision and business objectives, and how its effectiveness will be measured.

The remainder of this ITIL® overview course builds on points raised during the opening session, and on how Service Management can help to deliver business focused services.

The course encourages delegates to examine and question existing working practices and culture.

Topics Covered Include:

Introduction to IT Service Management

What is Service Management and why is it important to your business?

What benefits can an organization gain; what are the dangers of not implementing IT Service Management?

The Influence of IT Service Management

A brief description of the history of IT Service Management and its development and influence. Generic coverage of support tools and their importance is also covered.

Service Management Processes

An overview of the key Service Management processes and how they can aid the delivery of IT services which underpin and support core business objectives & outcomes

Achieving a Service Culture

How does the underlying culture add value to the services provided?

What are the challenges in implementing a service culture and how might these be addressed?

Implementing IT Service Management

Strategies available for implementing Service Management and how to choose the right one for your organisation.

How to select Service Management ‘champions’.

A brief look at types of implementation projects.

Practical advice on implementing a Service Management culture covering planning, organisation structure, commitment, communication and reviews.