IT Governance and Assessment services

It’s not only about knowing where to start, it’s also about proving how far you have come!
This Assessment Findings Report is not a Road Map; it is intended to answer the question, “Where Are We Now?” in terms of ITSM process capability and maturity.

It is a critical input to obtaining a consensus on both a vision & strategy for IT and a roadmap for adoption of IT service management.
Answering this question does not always result in an epiphany, but it is a critical baseline point for beginning an improvement journey.

The assessment process is a first step, and continued assessment must be part of the journey.

While comprehensive and deep assessments have an important role to play in transformation projects, there are times when a lighter approach to establishing a baseline or as a follow up assessment is more appropriate.
The CompsteBASELINE assessment approach is specifically relevant for a single site assessment with a narrow scope of processes to assess in relationship to:

  • How do the current practices relate to ITIL best practices?
  • Are there measures that enable continual service improvement?
  • Are there adequate governance roles to manage and improve the process?
  • Is there a consistent approach to the process across groups?
  • Is the documentation at an appropriate level to enable consistent delivery?
  • Are the tools being used in a way that enables the process?

The CompsteBASELINE will enable an organization to establish a gap and baseline assessment against best practices and rapidly identify a series of tangible improvement actions.
The CompsteBASELINE assessment approach and timing is as follows:

  • One day planning and intake meeting held one to two weeks prior to the onsite assessment to identify the assessment objectives, scope, stakeholders and participants for the assessment interviews and workshops. This meeting should confirm the processes to be assessed as well as provide direction for the customer organization about planning tasks related to scheduling and follow up actions required prior to the onsite assessment activities.
  • One day preparation of short- and long-term recommendations in the form of an Executive PowerPoint Summary
  • One day presentation of the Assessment Findings & Road Map discussions related to the scope processes
  • Three days of onsite discovery and assessment sessions will include:
    • Kick off session with assessment participants (include process owners, process managers, process practitioners and service owners) to explain the purpose, scope and context of the assessment
    • An ITIL overview for assessment participants
    • An interview with the assessment sponsor to identify and document future goals and directions, process governance and continual service improvement
    • Interviews and workshops with key process stakeholders (people who perform the process activities or are impacted by them) to understand the current practices related to the process being assessed
    • Identification of gaps, findings and recommended areas for improvement

Following a CompsteBASELINE assessment, further consulting support can be provided to develop a prioritized roadmap and project approach.